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“One said, ‘Whether a mountain is defined as a mountain depends on how the local people define it.’

Long time ago, ones were building sand dunes on and off, piling till a high ridge of beachy sand pile. They piled up a mountain and a pile of stories. Nowadays, ones are tied up of trying to create, maintain, discover and recreate all these stories. One day, by meeting up with the one who was born on the mountainside, from his words, he has no particular feeling about this mountain at all.” - Argus Fong.

“Hilltop” is a retrospective exhibition of local artist Argus Fong. The exhibition features the artist’s work between 2016 - 2023, where landscape is the main theme. The collection tells a story whereby the viewers are able to see the thoughts, transition and meticulous arrangement by the artist. Whether it be the develop in creative technique or concept, to mastering and exercising control of different painting elements, the artist manages to use a limited palette to present delicate and complex pieces.

The collection mainly features grand compositions with a perspective that places the viewers at a far-off distance. One can’t help but be curious when majestic mountains are met with a sense of desolation. For instance, a station without any trace of it’s passengers or means of transport; to large tunnels that only whisper a gust of emptiness and unease.

As the works progress into recent years (2022 onwards), there is a stronger sense of film. This can be seen in works such as “Deep Rest” where the birds in the sky are exude restlessness, or in “Creeping Fog” where fog twists quietly below a bridge. Added with the scale of the artworks, the artist places the viewers between heaven and earth.

Whether the artworks depict a utopia or post-apocalyptic wasteland, the artist stays true to being a powerful story - teller that certainly captures our attention.

(Text: Virginia Lo)

「有人說:一座山是否被稱作山取決於當地人。 很久以前,人們堆起了沙丘,再堆成了小山,最後堆成了山,還堆滿了不少故事。到了現在,人們試圖 創造、保留、尋找及改寫與之相關的故事,忙碌不斷。有天,遇上某位在山頭出生的人。閒聊間,他說 對這裡沒有什麼特別的感受。」—方梓亮

「山頭故事」可說是本地藝術家方梓亮(Argus Fong)近八年來的創作紀錄。這個展覽收集了從 2016 年 到 2023 年間, 以風景為主的重要畫作。這批作品, 源於方氏對一個地方的感念與聯想,在創作技巧及構思上經過多年不斷的深化冼鍊,然後到了近年的鋪排布局,從一塊荒涼山頭到浩浩無垠大地,又或是寂 寥的夜林到風起雲湧的崖岸,都體現出方梓亮對繪畫物料與技巧的掌控能力。

方梓亮善用有限度的色彩,突顯出畫中的明暗對比,豐富而細膩的油彩塗層,配上長而有力的油彩線條 和綿密的乾粉彩筆觸, 交織了一幅幅感染力強大的畫面,這個展覽大部份作品都用了廣闊壯大的透視構 圖, 極目遠處, 山巒纠紛,近處則景物荒涼,畫面灰暗的調子總是透著一種莫明的蕭條。如壯大得離奇的 轉車站, 卻不見人影與交通工具,偌大的隧道出口, 卻只有令人不安的疾風, 2022 年後作品裡的電影感比 前更是強烈, 如「憩息」裏飛鳥的躁動不安,還有「匍匐的霧」(Creeping Fog )橋底下扭動的迷霧, 加上畫幅巨大,當觀眾佇立於畫前,便如頃刻間置身於茫茫天地之中。

究竟畫裡是繪畫出一個烏托邦的變遷,還是在描繪一個廢托邦的故事?縱使畫家旨在一旁述說故事,畫 面還是有不可抗拒的感染力。


2023.05.06 - 2023.05.27

Grotto SKW - 2/f, East 17, No. 17 Main Street East, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong

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