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Argus Fong

FONG Tsz Leong, Argus (b.1991. Guangdong)


FONG Tsz Leong, Argus, received his BA (Fine Art) degrees from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University in 2015, major in painting.

In recent years, Argus’s creation has started with urban walks, piecing together with his personal understanding, wandering memories, and thoughts to present his feelings and associations about identity, human nature, and a place in his works. He uses media such as oil paint, pastel, and charcoal to display records of linear brushstrokes, exploring the expressions of quick sketches and paintings. He also creates art on found objects. Letting the traces on the surface of these objects guide his sketches.

方梓亮於 2015 獲澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學文學士 ( 純藝術 ),主修繪畫。他近年的創作從城市散步中開始,透過眼前的視野拼湊著個人的理解、游離的記憶及思緒,在作品中呈現他對身份、人性、一個地方的感念與聯想,運用油彩、粉彩及碳枝等媒介呈現線性的筆觸紀錄,探索速寫及繪畫的表現形態。他也會透過拾來的舊物以開展他的創作,由舊物表面的痕跡引導著他速寫。


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